Our Vision
The Preston Vocational Centre is committed to providing vocational training and other support of the highest quality to the young people and adults of Preston & District. We will offer a range of training, learning and development opportunities to young people and adults in order that they can progress to apprenticeships, employment or further education and take a positive step to achieving their personal economic and social potential in Lancashire.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to be Preston’s leading centre of alternative vocational provision which is focussed on the needs of our learners and which leads to progression and opportunities in the world of work.
Our Commitment
We strive to be the first choice for schools, learners and other stakeholders who require vocational training provision leading to a progressive and recognised learning route to continue to the world of work. We will continually set high standards and go the extra mile to set us apart from any competitors. We are dedicated to bringing those young people at risk of not entering training, employment or education and equipping them with the confidence and skills to move forward. We will work with all our learners to achieve a recognised qualification and if not get them to a level upon which they can build themselves a positive future.